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التحصيل الإلكترونى

student affairs

Vision, Mission, and Goals of Student Affairs



Excellence in providing academic services to undergraduate students.


Providing a distinguished service to each of the students and professors of the faculty within a framework that achieves quality and transparency in the educational process.


  1. Completion of the registration process for students for each term according to the approved study plan for students using the credit hour system.
  2. Executing the necessary procedures such as re-enrollment, modifying the result, or disqualification and other decisions.
  3. Paying attention to the electronic and paper documentation of students' academic progress during their studies at the faculty.
  4. Following up the students' academic progress to ensure their graduation within the time period specified by the academic regulations.
  5. Providing an academic advice to students to ensure good academic conduct and academic achievement.
  6. Supporting the students to achieve social justice.
  7. Providing academic services to graduates easily.