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التحصيل الإلكترونى

Student Welfare Vision & Mission

Students Welfare sector aims at creating a balanced character, love its homeland,
employ it in fruitful and beneficial activities, discover its talents, and help in its development.
It also seeks to create an attractive university environment and stimulating activities that contribute to the development of student character,
and provide him with extracurricular skills and complementary experience to the scientific knowledge aspect to provide a model of balanced character culturally and intellectually.
This department is specialized at the following:

1. Providing social services and supportive care for students.
2. Supporting student programs and activities and contributing to building the student character culturally, socially, athletically and artistically.
3. Developing students' patriotic sense by linking them to the nation's achievements.
4. Discovering students' talents, developing these talents, refining them and employing their creative energies in what is fruitful and productive.
5. Providing students with additional knowledge and skills, and instilling many noble values and positive behaviors in them.
6. Raising the spirit of honest competition, and strengthening social relations with their colleagues, professors and society.