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التحصيل الإلكترونى

Community Services

Speech of Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development
The community service and environmental development sector is one of the important and basic sectors in the faculty’s organizational structure,
and it is the sector entrusted with activating the contribution to occupational safety and health,
securing the work environment and protecting life and property.
The role of the faculty administration in community service is at the forefront of its various interests, as the faculty contributes to the development of services provided by units of a special nature to solve many social problems in all environmental, educational,
agricultural and industrial fields to keep align with the developments in society.
The Agency for Community Service and Environmental Development seeks to maintaining the integrity of the faculty’s internal environment, protecting it from pollution,
rationalizing the use of resources, and activating crisis management within the faculty. The faculty administration also aims to encourage and develop the awareness of academic staff, their assistants,
the administrative staff and students on community participation and their role in protecting the environment.
Accordingly, the agency depends on keeping the community parties’ satisfaction with the faculty’s activities and cooperation with business organizations, civil society organizations and various institutions with the faculty in solving the problems of the local community.

The community service sector is the shining window through which the university overlooks the surrounding community to find out the real problems of this community and to find scientific solutions to it,
which ultimately leads to the development of the community to be able to keep pace with progress and achieve the goals of sustainable development for Egypt 2030. At the moment, it is considered Confronting the Corona epidemic is one of the priorities in which the agency pays great attention,
especially and working on the commitment of all faculty members, their assistants, employees and students to take all precautionary measures and apply it through wearing masks and cleansing all faculty facilities and classrooms daily.
As well as holding seminars to educate all employees of the faculty on an ongoing basis.
Egypt is safe from all evil and we pray to God Almighty to help us to support and develop the faculty to achieve its mission so that it can continue to play its role in community service and the development of the surrounding environment.
Vice Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development
Prof. Dr. / Ashraf Abd El -Moneim Ali Shehata