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التحصيل الإلكترونى

IT Unit
Faculty of Sciences
The ICTP aims to gradually establish an electronic services unit project in all university faculties during the next five years,
at a rate of 20% of the faculties of each university annually, in order to activate information technology services.
Information Technology Unit is the link between the six projects submitted by ICTP at the university level and the various faculties that seeks to:
-Increase the effectiveness of university projects.
-Provide distinguished services in information technology for faculties. Vision The unit aims to support the educational, research and administrative system in higher education institutions and
improve its outputs through a strong information and knowledge structure. Mission The unit is also keen to provide the basic elements of a strong information and knowledge structure in higher education institutions
through cooperating with the concerned authorities in the country and providing electronic services characterized by comprehensiveness, stability and development,
in addition to raising the efficiency of use through human development for the community of beneficiaries to support the educational institution.
• Raising the efficiency and improving the internal information network in the faculty
• Operating the information network
• Following up the technical use of the network and providing technical support to all users.
• Performing the required expansions of the faculty’s wired and wireless network in coordination with the university's network.‎
• Activating video conference at the faculty.
• Raising the efficiency of the infrastructure and modernizing it.
• Supervising the periodic maintenance of computers and its accessories.
• Reviewing deficiencies, analyzing malfunctions and problems, and developing appropriate solutions for computer systems
• Preparing periodic reports on the state of equipment and laboratories in the faculties.
• Organizing the use of operating systems and software and protection of devices against viruses
• Downloading original software and copies of antiviruses.
• Updating hardware software.
• Maintaining computers and printers or supervising maintenance contracts.
• Developing the educational process by strengthening the interaction between students and faculty members
• Marketing E-courses and providing technical advice and training
• Training faculty members and their assistants to raise learning resources for the academic course and deal with the portal's libraries
• Training faculty members to manage student forums
• Using the official e-mail in all administrative transactions as well as in communicating with students
• Managing the faculty beneficiaries' accounts on e-mail.
• Activating the e-mail service for students and faculty members.
• Exchanging all correspondence and documents through e-mail
• Using the faculty’s official website to communicate with all concerned parties
• Uploading faculty news.
• Updating faculty data on the portal.
• Training and spreading awareness among students on how to take get benefit of electronic portals
• Using electronic transactions instead of paper transactions
• Training and providing technical support to activate the use of MIS
• Training staff and faculty members on information and communication technology in cooperation with the ICTP Training Center at the university
• Using the “Request Tracker” system, which is a system used to coordinate and track the execution of tasks among a group of users.
• Increasing the efficiency of using the digital library
• Managing the beneficiaries' accounts in the faculty on the digital library.
• Training faculty members, the supporting staff, and students to create accounts on “Google Scholar” and “Microsoft Academic Search”,
a service dedicated to students and researchers in order to get research, summaries and information in any field of scientific research.