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التحصيل الإلكترونى

Issues 2019

Botany Section
Alleviation of salt stress in Vicia faba plants by foliar application of Potassium fertilizer ***************************************
Chemistry Section
Surface characterization of silica supported ceria catalysts Assessment of gene expression level of ATP binding cassette G member 2 (ABCG2) transporter in non-metastatic ductal breast carcinoma patients receiving adjuvant chemotherapy ***************************************
Math Section
Reliability and Availability analysis of two- identical unit cold standby redundant system Study the system by two different method, Markov-renewal processes and Laplace transforms techniques. ***************************************
Physics Section
Annealing Dependence of Structural Characteristics of Cu2ZnSnS4Films Deposited by Electrodeposition ***************************************
Zoology Section
Morphology of adult and juvenile Acanthostomum absconditum (Looss, 1901) (Cryptogonimidae: Acanthostominae) from Bagrus bayad at El-Minia, Egypt